M1llionz – Daily Duppy Lyrics

M1llionz Daily Duppy Lyrics

With my YG, what’s poppin’?
Stop it, he don’t wanna talk, just knock it
If I put one hand behind, just cock it
And shoot for your pockets, so nobody clock it
But watch it, hella civilians watchin’ (Rah, it’s BKay, una)
And won’t mind turnin’ you in for a profit (Free)
And just ’cause Provisional License’s droppin’
Don’t think I won’t get the drop and drop it (Kill it)
Welcome back to my YouTube channel
Today is smash or pass on waps (Wha’)
Get my subscribers up and I’ll do part two
Smash or pass on yats
But anyway, they say the .44 can’t jam
So I think I’ll smash
And I’ll smash the .12 gauge even though it’s long
And I gotta use two hands
You probably think ’cause it’s waps, it’s smash, smash
But a pass if they’re known to jam
Like the .8mms, dead, pass
I’ll give the one pop to the juvvies but pass
Brownin’ loud and thick, smash
G-lock with no chick, pass
And I’ll still take the Glock with no chip, you’re mad
Don’t like me then suck your dad (Your father)
Everyone’s usin’ the croc’ emoji
But who’s really got chopper teeth?
Tee had a link for a next chopper piece
So I phone big cuz for a one chopper, sweet
Just to see if that one chopper beats
By now, you must know what chopper means
Clip black, but the stock mahogany
It is what it is if you know what I mean (Wha’)
And I’m still tryna find corn
‘Cah them things gone rare like the lottery and the (Boyoi)
Broom gets full up with dust ‘cah too sweep up a room properly
To stay in the flat, have to pay one of each
Now, this year, I’ma invest property
Gyal wan’ read me like biography
But the articles don’t fit this magazine (Haha)
Consigned a 3.5, just startin’
Tryna make the best out a bad situation (Trappin’)
‘Fore I knew how to chop, but I made bare crumbs
So I made 20 shots from a 8th ting (Off top)
Bait the cat on the phone, I was stupid
Sendin’ him out when I’m in education
Now, I’m licking shots without bein’ on the field
Like football manager doing simulation
I cut the feds emergin’ from the sideroad
They didn’t need to do no hazard perception (Skrr)
You’d get bail and I’d go jail, me and you
We’ve got two different hazard perceptions (What)
Confirm a name on a tape recordin’
After that, I don’t answer a question (No comment)
No Co-D’s and I’m payin’ duress
And I got my shank for protection
I came out of jail, shopkeeper askin’ where I’ve been
I said I’ve been away with work
Little does he know, eighteen months prior
I was going through evidence, paperwork
Telling my girl at the time it’s long
But she’s saying we can make it work
Truck box gettin’ caught in the AM
Just to be told that my case adjourned
Them green tunas, 1.29
Man don’t consume tuna in brine
Matter of fact, I’m a mackerel man
For that fish there, costs 1.75 (Expensive)
This bally blocks my peripheral vision
And I can’t see the jakes from the side of my eye (Pissed)
I’m still looking for cameras in prison
I’ll catch him lacking, the spot where it’s blind (Ching)
See my mom’s friends on the road
And are asking me if I still kick ball (Ha)
Yeah, aunty, I just play semi-pro
I’m just waiting now for that one big call (Ahaha)
Trap or the pitch, yeah, I would’ve picked sports
But the cats on the strip paid me a bit more
So unless you’re coming with quids
Your freebie phone calls definitely getting ignored

Bro, if you see a white ST on your travels
Right down the ridge, I got a clone in place
But if the owner gets a speedin’ ticket in a random town
I’m gonna phone them jakes (Bait)
Five men in a three door
It might be difficult to blow this chase (Skrr)
If you don’t shake them first five minutes
I’m gonna decamp and host a race (Usian)
I’ve got my diamonds on in a club
But still, I ain’t tastin’ Ace of Spades
I’ve gotta protect my Creps
These ain’t normal Jordan’s, these J2k
Don’t jack around black man
End up pickin’ up five from my agent gauge
You’re a joker without no heart
I use my last card just to make this play (Brr)
Why’s your girl gotta snap in her bio?
For a nigga like me to add and dougle
I’m the man your mom thinks is calm
She won’t ever know that I’m causing trouble
Before I knew about bricks, I was buryin’
200 stones blazin’ in the rubble (Oh my God)
Now, I cut a lame bitch off like I’ll hit you right back
I be scorin’ for a tunnel (Ahaha)

Sike, three semi twos, best friends
No pun intended, but it’s worth a try
One got upset, bro called her a dyke
Man, don’t be rude, she’s just young and bi
My bitch Dior from head to toe
On rodeo drive, and I’m wearin’ Nike
Niggas triggers be virgins
Do it for the media, shootin’ at the sky
Better mind, you don’t hit that satellite
I’m gonna be pissed if you switch off my sky
Niggas saying I’m washed rude
They’re just upset that I’m young and flyin’
I don’t speak on shit, but know what it is
I don’t care for the public eye
Bring my tweezers in two
Unscrew the fan, put my phone inside
Hella contraband in his feet
But only got done for this stolen ride
They found two phones and a bush, no prints on a line
But they know it’s mine
One hour before in a tease
Seeing Leeway putting stone on pipes (Lockoff)
Paddy phone three times in an hour
Why don’t you buy your all at once? It’s long
If this old man sees me again
He’s gonna report me to neighborhood watch
Cat drivin’, I’m lying in the back
Tryin’ not to get seen by the neighborhood cops
I know I got the jakes in a foot chase
Calm, I just gotta get away from the dogs
I ain’t got close friends on Insta
Anything other than music’s incriminatin’ (Hot)
Have you ever seen feds behind last minute?
Wanna drive straight, but you’re already indicated (Pissed)
I can tell he’s gonna talk in a station
He’s got a lot to say he’s opinionated
Sign to 10% if you want a 9 bar, or a rap deal
We can facilitate it