Mac Miller & Vince Staples – Rain Lyrics

Mac Miller Rain Lyrics, Rain Lyrics by Mac Miller ft Vince Staples

(Ching, ching, ching, ching
Ching, ching, ching, ching)

Take your time
When talkin’ to a n****, I don’t waste none
Knock you off your feet and then I flee before the Jakes come
Sick of hearin’ cases from these n***** who ain’t face none (Ching)
But I’ma be the n**** that they feelin’ when the day come

Thirsty for the pay, young n***** led astray
Stray bullet hit my brother in his muhfuckin’ face
What’s fate when a person don’t deserve what he get?
(Ching) Shootin’ reckless at the father, almost murdered the kid
Or is it karma for the shit that both the parents had did?
Ain’t embarrassed where I’m livin’, we get merit for kills
From a family of n***** that was veteran skilled

(Ching) Voted heartless ’cause my momma made me part of the guild
Deals made, sellin’ thrills, paid the bills at the crib
Drag him down by the river, he’ll be missin’ for years
And them funerals was usual, ain’t sheddin’ no tears
(Ching) Knew the fallen had it better off than most of us did
‘Cause shit, Heaven knows Heaven’s gates probably closed (Closed, closed, closed)
And these hoes in a race for the gold (Gold, gold, gold)
We was raised on that fork in the road
(Ching) No food on our plate, just the meals that we stole (Stole, stole, stole)

Yeah, ooh-whoa-oh-oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Ching, ching, ching, ching)
Yeah, um

I spit that prayer hand emoji
That shit that injured Kobe
The holiest of holy, Nick Nolte in some Oakley’s
That’s a flex though, cover up the issues that I kept close
(Ching) Sober I can’t deal, I’m in the corner with my head low
Runnin’ from my shadow, never-ending chase
Ease the pain and the battle that’s within me
Sniff the same shit that got Whitney the high heel depression
(Ching) My temple feel the metal comin’ out the Smith & Wesson, bang

Say a prayer, leave my brains on the tile floor
My bitch hate me, always tell me I should smile more
Off them drugs that hit you in your spinal cord (Ching)
This the shit, I need to keep the climate warm
Wish I could get high, space migration
Pretend I can just fly to great vibrations
The magazines need a quote
(Ching) Now I’m gone
Sorry, I don’t even know, yo

Whoa-oh-oh-oh, yeah
And this pain, and this pain
And this pain, and this pain (Ching)
Mixed up with this rain, this rain
This rain, this rain
Yeah, oh-whoa-oh-oh, yeah (Ching)
Yeah (Ching)
9th Wonder