MBoogz9 – Missing You Lyrics

MBoogz9 Missing You Lyrics

Missing you (Oh)
Missing you (Oh)
Missing you (Oh)

Tug, got a brownin’ tryna be my bae
She don’t know I put work in the streets
But if she knew ‘bout the things I do
I know she won’t call me sweet
Caramel one, when I go to the cinema
More than a kiss in them back row seats
Cutie with the prettiest face (Ooh)
I know she a freak

You know me tryna purchase waps
BB said purchase the beat
Hates when I’m O-T-P
You know how I be C-H-O-P
She send me a text like ‘Boogz, are you missing me?’
But of course I do, I message her back like K-M-T
Shawty wanna L-U-V
But MBoogz don’t know about love
And she knows it’s DTB
So, why the fuck would I give you trust?
Bad one, pretty as fuck
And she love to kiss with her tongue (Ooh)
T-U-G, damn, she wanna rock with the tug