Metro Boomin – Nonviolent Communication Lyrics

Metro Boomin Nonviolent Communication Lyrics (feat. James Blake, A$AP Rocky & 21 Savage)

You let me fall first, then you dream awake
I’d do anything to bring you to that other place
We speak so differently alone, low
Watch for constellations, soft as cloud formations
That will never leave, but as duty calls
If I’m in over my head, I’ll swim Niagara Falls

Nonviolent communication, ah
Nonviolent communication

Uh, caught up in the whip, Mary Jane all up in my head
Upside down when I took the mask off
Pull the mask back down, time to ride out right now
You was mine then (You was mine then)
And you mine now (And you mine now)
Show me where they hide (Show me where they hide)
And let me find out (Let me find out)
Ball hog and I’m balled out
And we go all out, down to no doubt
Yeah, nose bleeds ’til the floor’s out
Caught up in the web, tell ’em, “Log out” (Mwah)
Kisses, baby, I bossed up, go and frisk us, baby
Won’t you be my missus, baby?
Been highkey, I miss it, baby (Uh)
Get liftin’, I can tell you gifted, baby
Necklace like Saint Nicholas, baby
Wrap it up like Christmas, baby, uh

Nonviolent communication, I
Nonviolent communication

(21, 21)
Takin’ chances, takin’ risks for you (On God)
Yeah, I climb a mountain just to get to you (On God, 21)
You hungry, that plate, I’ma split with you
You know I’m a dog, on command, if you tell me, I sit for you (21)
They don’t understand our bond (Nah)
Took a G5 to Milan (On God)
Treat me like a king, I’m a Don (21)
Treat me like a king, I’m the one, baby (21)
Rolls Royce, you will never see a Hyundai (Never)
Suitcase go straight to the runway (21)
Big dog, nah, I don’t know TSA (On God)
Real money, I don’t never need a sweepstake (Straight up)
Big Birkin, I ain’t never been a cheapskate (21)
I’m the type to vacation on a weekday (21)
Get American Express, no pre-paid (21)
I’m avoidin’ all the, “He say, she say” (On God)
I’m the one that had you grabbin’ on the sheets, bae (Yeah)
Tattoos, yeah, I’m straight up out the E-A (Okay)
Lookin’ in yo’ eyes everytime we speak, bae (21)
Want play you, no, I’m not a DJ (21)

Nonviolent communication, I
Nonviolent communication
Nonviolent communication, I

I’m this dimension’s one and only, Spiderman
At least I was

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Dre Moon, Metro Boomin, 21 Savage, James Blake, TRAKGIRL, A$AP Rocky
  • Released: 2023