N-Dubz – Intro Lyrics

N-Dubz Intro Lyrics

I swear
It’s more than a little nostalgia
The time when the internet had no power
Coming up I was full of fury
But then I was so much wilder
On the block with rocks and cling and a rusty ting tucked under my trouser
Same year I was living my dream
On MTV with Dappy and T she was

Just a London girl coming out the flats
No one had my back like Daps and Fazer
That **** made me a female boss
Even my own blood tried do me dirty
It is what it is when you’re young and famous
(young and famous, just young)

Look we were the ****
And we’re still the ****
Dishing out hits since two double o six
They said we wouldn’t even sell out the alley pally but we did
o2 four times could have made it six
Lies they told
Stories sold
Imagine reacting to everything that they wrote

I love going back and forth
I got time for a opp and a troll
I feed off of energy a frenemy a enemy
If its that time got to let man know
I ain’t gotta say a word they know this
The real paigons are the closest
This ain’t a reminder our **** timeless
As if we’d ever come back unnoticed (unnoticed)

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Costadinos Contostavlos, Richard Rawson, Tula Contostavlos, Zachery Steiner Anderson
  • Album: Timeless
  • Released: 2023