Nadia Nakai – Yatch Lyrics

Nadia Nakai Yatch Lyrics

I’ve been suffering, I suffered for nineteen years
I think it’s time for me to shake my ass on a yacht

Bad bitch on the boat
Right off on the island, this should be remote
I’m my own stylist, Louis on the toe
Don’t you see the coat?
You’re a sheep, I’m a goat
Smokin’ on that zaza, this shit make you choke
It’s gon’ be a maza, welcome to the show
Little bit of Prada, little bit of Vogue
I be on the cover and the centrefold

Big big hills on the block
Earn gasoline, blowin’ off steam I’m hot
Fuck quarantine, you cannot stop this guap
Get the vaccine, shake my ass on the yatch
Shake my ass on the yatch
Shake my ass on the yatch
Hills on the block
Gasoline, blowin’ off steam
Blowin’ off steam I’m hot