Nas – Black Magic Lyrics

Nas Black Magic Lyrics

Uh, she havin’ nightmares sleepin’ next to me
Waking up unexpectedly
Maybe somebody hexin’ me
Questionin’ blessings on me protect me from weaponry
Hopin’ she gon’ have the same success if she don’t let ’em in
I mean to set the alarm, she dreamt of all the whips
High speed chase, turn the TV on, I saw that shit
Dreamt she saw me bleeding like a True Blood was caught up in
And it’s crazy that I really woke up and bought the whips
Tapped her on the shoulder, don’t believe in
Superstitious thesis, ’cause I’m amongst the demons
Cross on me the first time I got tatted
These are the cards I was handed
I’m accessing the damage
Like the whole Jackson 5 dancin’
How I slide out, super squeaky always keep my sneakers clean
Back home, late night, iPhone on DND
Shorty’s sleeping next to me and it’s not even sexually
I think she might be scared, she hope nobody put a hex on me
Black Magic undefeated
Black Magic undefeated

Nasty bitch, bad as fuck, don’t ever try to play with me
And I got that trait in me to give your ass the vacancy
Never got a wedding ring, the life that she engaged to
Change, cars, nightlife, that’s what she a slave to
Now it’s time to feed her, eat it up like everyday
Evil in the atmosphere, let’s hit it with the sage
Black Magic

Walk in skyscrapers, walk in, yeah

No good deed goes unpunished
It’s the bummiest, dumbest
Life got bad luck in abundance
Look how happy these lames be
Whenever lies get slung at
The God, why they so angry, like they wishin’ they can just run with
Anything when it come to Nas
The desperation it shows
Devil is inside of you
Black smoke, black magic, on your back, it’s riding you
If I was you, I would watch who I give my power to
I don’t make no coward moves
My solution’s fuck ton of positive is what I’m producin’
Thought patterns convoluted
Your witchcraft won’t do nothin’
My jesus piece is too flooded
Rosemarys, rose Cubans
The world addicted to black music
Black culture, that’s black magic
It’s way more than fat asses
Who chain bigger, who car the fastest
New contracts, I autograph it
New haters, that’s automatic
They ain’t see this comin’, they got hit with the new wave
Evil in the atmosphere, let’s hit it with the sage

God in heaven
Please protect the G’s
Protect my ladies out there
And the children

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Nasir Jones, Chauncey Hollis Jr
  • Album: Magic 2
  • Released: 2023