Pa Salieu – They Don’t Know (Interlude) Lyrics

Pa Salieu – Send Them To Coventry Album Lyrics

They Don’t Know Lyrics by Pa Salieu

Rico freako, soon home
Get me—shout out my nigga Pa doing his ting
Get me—from 9 to suttin’
Mamba, big money season
Where out here, man where out ya?

You know you know
My nigga Rico
You already know fam, soon home (gang shit gang shit)
You know, you can’t stop the clock

Mama don’t worry cuh I’m a G
I’m a G, that’s why they wishing death on me
Pressure I’m the oldest, family rely on me
Strength Salieu pushing power, feel like Hercules

Hercules, I am a different breed (ay)
Road runner, ran away from—meep meep
Sirens ’round me niggas, screaming now ‘free me’
Free P, free King

I don’t see no fucking reason how they doin’ ya
You don’t know about depression, most my niggas dying now
The system showed me one way, so I took a different route
Another route, a different route
Another route

Written by; Pa Salieu
Released date; 20 January, 2021
Album/EP; Send Them To Coventry

Pa Salieu They Don’t Know Lyrics

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