Pile – Poisons Lyrics

Pile Poisons Lyrics

Humming much too loudly for it to be on purpose
Oh how and with such grace we move
Stepping firmly down on the rake of best intentions
End up doing the deal around the side with you

It’s safe to hide now
Only a handful of giants watching you
Now heaven’s a place where no one else

The poisons I’ve tried without knowing
And the voices subside but their eyes close in
Neither surprise that their size growin
I belong to the ground but I’ve been groomed by a dream I bought
Might’ve been misplaced
MIght’ve need to
All those days been worked wrong
They will all be old soon
They’ll be kept all on recall

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Alex Molini, Kris Kuss, Pile, Rick Maguire
  • Album: All Fiction
  • Released: 2023