Polo G – Start Up Again Lyrics

Polo G Start Up Again Lyrics (feat. Moneybagg Yo)

Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
I got killers in the motherfuckin’ cut, bitch
Gang, uh, uh

I be with savages, they is not havin’ it
If it’s ever a problem, we tackle it
Switch on the chopper, that bitch get to rattlin’
Really hate ’em, gon’ shoot up, the candle lit
Lil’ mama thick, but just watch how I handle it
Beat up the pussy, I damage it
Passport stamp, fuck the ref how I’m travelin’
Louis by Virgil, my drip is immaculate, uh
Give me a beat, I’m attackin’ it, uh
Might catch a B when I’m clappin’ it
Opps, they some bitches, we beefin’ with actresses
Post in the trap, we got D in the cabinet, uh
She gеt on her knees when she gaggin’ it
Might cop a ‘Cat ‘causе I beat all ’em challenges
Hundred twenty a show, what I’m averagin’
On the ropes, I ain’t fold, I wasn’t panickin’

Uh, uh, start up again
She over with, now I’m all in her friends