Ritt Momney – autonanon Lyrics

Ritt Momney autonanon Lyrics

He’s bleeding
In bed
A boy lies melting reverently
Giving his whole self eventually
To what’ll drown him in the end

He’s the waves that crash and break him down
He’s the wind that tosses them around
He’s the voices in his head

What’s wrong
Is it lonely out there all alone
As you float atop a blue unknown
Better join it while you can

You can’t give up now you got so close
Part of me can’t help but hope
You follow through with what you said

Got a book of rules you’ll never break
But the sky’s never felt more opaque
Want you to show me how you bend

Now the pressure’s more than he can stand
And at 3am he takes his chance
Sneaks his phone down to his bed

He convinced himself he heard a knock
His door stays closed but doesn’t lock
And every sound scares him to death

In the dark a boy becomes a man
In a world he’ll come to understand
Passes animals for men

Now she’s telling me it’s been a month
And she misses how we used to touch
I could hardly even tell

And there’s something in the air tonight
But the tension’s only on one side
I feel satisfied as hell

As my love’s eaten away by lust
And my lover’s left there in the dust
Think I’m losing her as well

In the dark a boy is playing man
I’m beginning now to understand
I’m no man I’m something else