Russ – Blow the Whistle Lyrics

Russ Blow the Whistle Lyrics

Both my parents courtside took them separately
If we went together we gon need another referee
Someone blow the whistle
I’m boutta drop a missile
This shit is just the warm up to the classic imma give you in the summer yea

Respect to the creator I’m the man tho
You know I got my family’s well being in my hands bro
Luckily I ball I stand tall like Tyler
When I took a break they took it bad like skyler
And you know I’m gettin rich off of rap that’s the American way
Couple days In LA link with big wigs arrogant tae
Sharin my plate I let people have a bite
They weren’t satisfied
They bit the hand that fed em now I lost my fuckin appetite to help welp fuck it cuz they did it to themselves
Fuck the fat lady they just started singing it themselves
I’m in Atlanta at the house that’s when I’m at my best
Bitch I know my purpose so I don’t believe in accidents
I didn’t sit around I went and got it no excuses
And I went out on a limb cuz I knew that’s where all the fruit is
Truth is I been rappin better than my peers
It’s been goin on for years
I’m givin y’all my heart all I ask for is your ears

Ain’t it funny
I’ve never seen somebody hate on me who had more money
I used to let it get to me we fightin out the country
That was back when I was smoking skinny white joints mason plumlee
Now I gotta let it bounce bounce off me Mac mclung
We gotta focus man
I gave my dawgs a bonus man
This game knows I’m a trailblazer like arvydas sobinis man
I don’t follow crowds that’s how you get lost
Money’s a green monsters and I do not like the Red Sox
I mean I’ve made it rain rain rain rai dak Prescott
Accountant had a cow boy he’s right I shoulda been stopped
Fuck the mold I’m the new archetype
I probably made another thousand artists go and start tonight
And everything is documented
I got the come up on cameras
And I never had to sell my soul or move to Los Angeles
Never had to chase clout or do a bunch of weird shit
To get the whole wide world to hear this all I had to do was me

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Russell Vitale
  • Album: Chomp 2.5
  • Released: 2023