Russ – Blue Chip Lyrics

Russ Blue Chip Lyrics (feat. Ransom)

I just hit the joint before I wrote this
Record label rebel, ‘member opening at Ole Miss
Always saw the whole shit
Always futuristic
2018 I made the Forbes Cash Kings list
A wave of depression and anxiety for Christmas
But I can never drown, I rose, Kate Winslet
Gassed up, took a quick trip to my hometown
Girls that were curving me turned into my hoes now
Beat straight from Motown, shoutout Mr. Porter
B dot and everybody get your list in order
This the album of the year by a long shot
Barkin’ got your dog dropped
Please don’t tamper with my bucs, Mike Alstott
I don’t care what y’all got
Bitch, this is my shit
You ain’t boutta act like a baby in my crib
I wasn’t invited
So, I threw my own party
Didn’t let me join
So, I got my own army
I spoke harshly once or twice, boo hoo, bitch
Didn’t matter, still went from, “Who?” to who’s who, bitch
Fuck a blue check I’m a blue chip, reliable stock
I reached the end of my rope and I started tying a knot
And held on, Delle Donne, my games ill
Lime with tequila or the heat to this J Will
Make skills appear like magic pass it
Always been a king, I’ma share it if I have it
I should wear my numbers on my chest like a nickname
Tryna make the paper flip, I only play squid games
New York Knicks fame, so she deep-throat
Then my D rose then her knees broke
I’m the g-oat, no bullshit

I don’t take work from a peasant who cheat the job
Never did I fall prey to a reverend who preach to God
Never did I horseplay, adolescence’ll leave a scar
Some people lost faith, had the presence to beat the odds
So many obstacles and hurdles for me to dodge
Put your face on a tee, then ask can I see a large
I’m passionately involved, I hope to free us all
But nothing can cost more than something that’s free of charge
They know that we at large eating shrimps in the lair
Could barely see the gods, get a glimpse of the glare
You a temp, to be fair, put that wimp in the rear
Never cared what they think, never think that they cared
Don’t need another felony but you gon’ need therapy
When a couple shots make you shrink in that chair
Two drinks of that rare, Casino Azul, me and my dude Russ
Lose what? We got your advance spilling out two cups
PooPutt, you ain’t goin’ move up, get chewed up
Shoot what? The scoreboard broke, n****, we two up
Woah Ran, slow down brother, they don’t know Ran
You like a black panther blaring out of those Bose, man
Oh, and gunning my Lindsay, the low hand
No scam, nothing like Quincy, a slow jam
Program went from a 10-speed to a broham
You don’t owe Ran, that’s big cap like the old Cam
Yeah, catch my wind like a monsoon
Cooking verses, shoot it up from a large spoon
Sharks loom, better get scuba gear and a harpoon
Or, n****, you can get chomped too