Russ, Snoop Dogg – Free Lyrics

Russ Free Lyrics, Free Lyrics by Russ (feat. Big K.R.I.T., Snoop Dogg & DJ Premier)

(R-R-Rappin’ on a Preemo beat)

This beat from Preemo make me feel reborn (C’mon)
I used to light myself on fire just to keep you warm
And regardless if my ego feels completely torn (What?)
I’m ghost if it don’t move my spirit like a ouiji board
I see rewards come after battles with fear
They tried to fuck up how I see myself, they rattled my mirror
They rushed in Vladimir
Put in nothing but trauma
You can’t tell me shit a Bentley and two houses and that’s just for my momma
And she don’t gotta ever work again, whole family won
The only L I ever took is when Snoop handed me one
That was my first producer placement too (True)
Shoutout Snoop (Snoop)
On an album called, “I Wanna Thank Me”, ain’t that the truth
Fuck the rules of the industry, I’m foulin’ out
I turned every single dead end to a roundabout
Found a route
Bumpin’ Cudi
Thought that I was down and out
Freed myself, now I’m up-up and away without a doubt

Searching so long
(I, I-I lived it up, y-y-y-yeah)
Tryna stay strong
(Never thought twice on what my future bring)
Took me some time
But now I see
Yeah, yeah
(I’m free)
(I’m only human, I’m only human, I’m only)

I’m free
I’m free from all the bullshit of these labels
No shuck and jivin’ here
Fuck tap dancin’ on tables
This ain’t no Bojangles flow
This more like a battle
I throw some ice on my fist
Bankroll come thicker than grits, forever Multi the clique
You’d be the same if you from where I’m from
Made a mil out of crumbs with my words in the funds
Cream of the crop out the slums, I might shine in the sun
Matrix glitched, the chosen one, packaged air for my lungs
I’m cut from a different cloth, ’cause I pay a different cost
Them dark roads and cities but flashing lights was a different loss
The southern recipe they left for me was a different sauce
To eat on, and tell that unseasoned love to be gone
Fuck dappin’ clones and shakin’ hands with haters
I rather free so low, the highs and low of life (Life), and cut the cables (Cables)
That kept me bound to all them folks that kept me round
That only saw that bling-blaow on my crown, now

Searching so long
(I-I lived it up)
Tryna stay strong
(Never thought twice on what my future bring)
Took me some time
But now I see
(I’m free)
(I’m only human, I’m only human, I’m only human)

I been in this game so long
‘Cause my game so long
Got them suckers off my timeline
I wave, so long
Savin’ money my whole lifetime if things go wrong
Keep my heater close to me until the danger gone
Danger zone is where I’m from
Bangin’ on ’em, two, one
Eastside resident with a gift so heaven sent
Uplift my prevalence
I leave no evidence
Blue chucks on the fence, it’s the lashes see?
No master degree but I mastered the degree in mashin’ for me
I hustle for my paper and I do that accurately
Rap to the beat like Mozhart, I’m classic on tracks
Matter of fact? I’m the modern day Hathaway
I don’t play, get out the way
I was your favorite back in the day
Still the flavor to to the smokin’ time
Fuckin’ the game
Money and fame
I focus on mine to keep it in range
Sever the ties of people complainin’ I’m back on the grind

Searching so long
(I, I, I-I lived it up)
It took me some time but I opened my eyes
Tryna stay strong
No fuss, we cuss and bust, it’s Snoop and Russ
Took me some time
But now I see
(I’m free)
(I’m only human, I’m only, I’m only, I’m only human, I’m only human)

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