Shane Eagle – A Ladder Lyrics

Shane Eagle A Ladder Lyrics

Could trick even if you try trick me, nigga
Fuck the world then we ask it, what’s cooking, nigga?
In the dungeon with dragons, you know what’s hannin
It’s young ealge gotta fly, Aladdin, yea
Every time we check the clock it’s 42’s, yea
Had to get myself up out the zoo
When we say we coming through, we coming through, yea
Time been on the loop, but I move through

Yea, yea, yea, yeah
I’mma take my time, yea, yea, yea, yea
I’mma find my
I’mma find my

Fuck ’em all, it’s always been me against world
That’s why I stand tall like dinosaurs, yea
Keep real that shit make me a buck, yea
Once you sell it out, you can’t buy that back
Aye, the just hit
I like the sound of that shit
But I cannot spend it, I made it and reinvest it
You niggas is reckless, you mention my name then
You got you a death wish, I’m in the trenches, yea
The just hit, I might just fly at your bitch
Made her come sit on my dick, yea, yea

You know what it is
Going against eagle like digging a hole in this bitch
I, put my soul in this, I’m spitting like cobras and shit
Ah, look at my mom’s eye, she still see me
You know this game will eat you up and make you disappear like Wu Dini
(Yea, I’m back with the hits and I’m back with the shits)
(Yeah, my foot on they neck)

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