Shane Eagle – Moving Spirit Lyrics

Shane Eagle Moving Spirit Lyrics

(Uh uh)
Moving spirit, yeah
Moving spirit, take one (Uh)

I threw the realest in my pot
You offered half a penny for this lot
Ran from the fields into platforms
Millions of streams then we clap for ’em
Thing is, who we clappin’ for?
True artists
Never in pursuit of the dollars
That’s how we got blessed, I grew my own garden
I got my own olives
Richest country in the world got no vaccines
N***** playin’ Black Mirror with the cracked screens
I’m fist bumping with my legends, unpacked dreams
I waited patiently for the Lord
He turned to me and heard my cry
Lift me out this slimy pit
Out the mud and out the mine, now the eagle flyin’
Yeah, it’s Shane
That means God’s grace
The devil like to play God’s face
Sage on the keys, never on my knees, ten feet on the ground
Out in South Africa my ancestors proud

(Yeah )Yeah

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