Shane Eagle – Not for Sale Lyrics

Shane Eagle Not for Sale Lyrics


I told the Lord “Let the blood of Jesus flow over me”
I told the Lord “Let the Holy Spirit flow over me”
Somebody tell ’em, the young King comin’ overseas
This is the real Lion King
I still miss Mufasa
But I know my way to
I know my way to stay in peace
I know my way to (Yeah)
But none of these niggas scare me
None of that friendly-friendly shit, you know I be here for the throne

Realest in my DNA, it flows through my bones
Still Chucks on my feet, but (Yeah)
Tell them young niggas we ain’t here for the friends (Yeah)
I’m here for your head (Yeah)
Here for the bread, uh
Don’t play, make your bed
I’m close to the edge, had to erupt
I’m doing this shit for inspirational purposes
Eagles don’t fly where the serpent is
Pull back the curtains and, you gon’ see who the greatest of all time is
Rap game full of all my kids, nigga (Yeah)
Move like a jarred eye
These red eyes need a cap
Burn rappers then I get plaques, shit is easy
Only started rapping to meet Young Weezy
Now I got the whole game screamin’ “Where the fuck Young Eagle at?”

Get back on your heel, let it crack
Spin this shit back, it’s crack
Aim for they head, they crack (Blouww!)
Who said they don’t wanna hear that real shit?
Cut them off at the kill switch (Yeah)
Ten shows back to back, too much paper to count
It costs a lot to make my shit, don’t matter the amount
I’m one of the goats, still be on top of the mountain
Flows is astounding
Just load up the clip, then let off the rounds
This is for my niggas that’s stuck in the public housing, but keep it one thousand
Makin’ that last hundred stretch, gat in the straps
Subs in the back

Niggas cookin’ up dope in the back
(Shane cookin’ up another track, make another M)
Out in no time, I fuck with myself heavy
That’s the greatest co-sign of all time, fuck rhyming
Squeeze my clip on all of you niggas until I got arthritis
I send in the addy, I’m still at the top, these niggas they won’t find me

(Told you, told you niggas)
You know what it is
Know what it is

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