Shane Eagle – Paranoia Lyrics

Shane Eagle Paranoia Lyrics

Real movie shit
Consider this the credits nigga
Somebody make the pain go away
Somebody make the pain go away
This that shit these doctors can’t fix
This that shit you can’t

Paranoia and trouble is on my mind
I don’t watch niggas but they change like the time
Enormous flows like mountains, you can’t climb
Wouldn’t feel these niggas even if I was blind
Wouldn’t give ’em five even if I had the time
Niggas can’t stand it ’cause all they do is lie
I don’t fuck hoes, my nigga, I stay focussed
You still tripping ’bout Tam and Angelina
I don’t sell out, I cam to sell out arenas
Came from a jungle with fiends and hyenas
I don’t split cream, my nigga, I split spleens
You and your niggas play games with split screens
Me and my niggas want M’s like Iovine

Don’t forget this whole thing is a dream, nigga
And you’re in control of it all

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