Shane Eagle – Sistine Chapel Lyrics

Shane Eagle Sistine Chapel Lyrics

(Big fat smile on my face, nigga)
Yeah yeah nigga

I dream lucid and paint vivid
Eagle paint pictures, beat selection like the Sistine Chapel
Nobody look up no more (Yeah)
Nobody look up no more (Yeah)

I been up since four, I’m sleepwalking
Try to get some rest but I can’t, my dreams calling, uh
They bones cracking, uh, I hate rappers
Only time we ’em anyway is when we overlap ’em (Yeah)
I outsell ’em then I out-rap ’em
Been around the world two times back, they moving backwards (Yeah)

We don’t see none, like they
Mama told me I’m a King
Watch out for the hyenas, and nonbelievers, and false prophets
Less friends means more bands then more profits
Two many rappers and not enough coffins for all these verses that I keep dropping, nigga
Come from the city where they don’t recognise greatness
The city of gold but let the white man take it
Then sell it back to me for twice as much, I can’t take it
If I spit that shit it’s already gold, you already know
We just waiting on the plaques for the crib and studio
If I spit that shit I spit it like the last verse
‘Cause you don’t know when it’s time to answer the question you’ve been asking yourself about what matters, I’m gone

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