Tems – If Orange was a Place Lyrics, Tracklist

Tems If Orange was a Place Lyrics, If Orange was a Place Lyrics by Tems

Following her appearance on Drake’s recent ‘Fountains‘. Nigerian singer, Tems has released her new project, ‘If Orange was a Place’ EP via ’93 and RCA Records.

After a year filled with highlights—including a critically acclaimed debut EP, 2020’s For Broken Ears, and hit collaborations with Wizkid, Justin Bieber (“Essence”) and Drake (“Fountains”).

Through its five tracks, If Orange Was a Place creates ample space for Tems’ distinctive voice to shine as she navigates through themes of finding inner peace and staying true to self. “Orange is a vibe,” she explains. 

“It is the feeling of sunset and the sweetness of an orange. And when I think of those songs, I am transported to a different place where everything is warm and sweet.”

Lyrically and sonically, Tems represents an alté sound driving a new wave of African R&B—one centred on mood, expression and originality, and one less concerned with trying to sound too familiar.

Tems If Orange was a Place EP Tracklist;

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