Thato Saul – Tau Street Interlude Lyrics

Thato Saul Tau Street Interlude Lyrics

Back again a true story
At the end this shit it got lots of rings its like Robert Horry
Broad daylight like 2PM homies outside dont ever try to be them posted on the corner
Tau le Ramokgopa talking politics outta order
Dice game 100 game on the board homies stand around it
Microbus horns are sounding blunts are astounding n***** are hoarding
Fingers snapping money arguments the knocks man is caught in
Politics by the non gamblers talking about yesterday
A shooting happened the gun was clapping by he confessed today
Black Label quarts from the across it be the bottle store
Homies drunk on their chairs no reason to raise their bottoms for

White VW driving down Tau street from a distance
Homies outside today 20 men I’m talking for instance
Blunt smoke Courtleigh smoke all over its tough just to witness
Druggie homies froze in 1 position you know the business

White VW driving passed homies sipping the Amstel from the bottle no need for glass
Smiles all around strong language being spoken and many laughs

VW hits a u-turn windows down everyone running around
Broad day drive-by right on Tau street

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Thato Matlebyane, Theo Kekana
  • Album: Life Is Gangsta
  • Released: 2022