Tion Wayne – Make It Out Lyrics

Tion Wayne Make It Out Lyrics, Make It Out Lyrics by Tion Wayne ft Joe Black Potter Payper Rimzee Scorcher

Only you can make me feel good
So baby won’t you swing?
I just wanna feel good
I love you more than my life (N-A)
Only you could make me feel good
What don’t break a nigga, make a nigga, you get me? (Woo)
I just wanna feel good
I love you more than my life

Cuttin’ through the city with the AC on
Got some old school Potter Payper on
Cali spliff and a Maggi, that’s the wave I’m on
Reminiscing ’bout the place I’m from
They said I fell off, I don’t know what type of flake they’re on
I’m still a legend, I’m just a complacent one
I know they’ve been patiently waiting for way too long
So when I pull up, don’t blink, I can’t stay too long
I’m busy so, ring me, you’ll probably get the busy tone
I’m just drinkin’ water and minding my business, yo
I don’t move food no more to get money
Just know, the business moves, they fed mummy
Went from knee-deep in this shit to being legit
From puttin’ B on the strip to puttin’ teens on the pitch
Everybody raps, just know it’s different when I rhyme
I’m with my killy T Wizzy from The 9

I see my little nigga grow up, then my little nigga blow up
Flashbacks to ’08, when these niggas didn’t show up
I could see ’em tryna get close (Fuck all these funny new niggas, man)
I couldn’t see ’em when it was T Wizzy with a red notes
From ounces on bounces, to thousands on outfits
Seven-figure deals, shakin’ hands with accountants
Do it for the mandem, lifestyle righteous, providing for niners
Them man, they come about and gyal whine their vaginas (Yeah)
Three brudda’s here, put the crime stuff behind us (Yeah)
The figures ain’t right, then they ain’t likely to sign us (Yeah)
Want the whole pie, we ain’t dividing no slice up
Times get tired’er
Still pree the whip anytime I ride slides up
Still got the chinger if a guy wan’ size up
We been through it all, darg, nothin’ don’t surprise us
Comin’ from the bottom tryna rise up, sky

Lookin’ back at myself then I would definitely tell myself then “Slow down or you’re gonna get birded or you’re gonna lose your life”
Hm, so I’d definitely tell ’em to be more money foucsed
You know when they get older, the vision changes
And it’s like, when you finally see a life, a different life that’s better than the life you’re living (Come on, come on)
That’s when you get it (Yo, T Wayne from the 9, yeah)

All my life these brothers wanna see me die, but I’m managing (Yeah)
One bang niggas but my nank game extravagant (Come on, come on)
Twenty pound licks, I made some change in my flick
Had to rob it just to pay for my vids
Yo, I’m glad I made, was a real crook
Uh-huh, but now this money make me (feel good)
Broke days, another side all the time, tryna shoot somethin’
Me and my dargs always slide, no cool runnings
Food robbin’, but I think it made me
I was punching up brothers in the ‘Ville daily
Right before the AP, man, that’s how you be a capo
I’m puttin’ on my ends like Chapo (Like Chapo)
Yo, a lot of brothers had to die, we can’t call a truce (Never)
Before I ever said a rhyme, man, we did the news
I was just spent there in 9 before I hit the booth
They co-signed T Wizzy cah I’m the truth

Yo, ah
New season Nike Tech with a V on it
Audemar hundred racks, fifty more G’s on it
In a rural now, a minority
I had blue in this autobiogrpahy
I should be in the studio more
I just spent a carti on the studio floor
Bust the jewels, make it snow
Be like them? No
Tryna turn them three bed’s to HMO’s
I couldn’t get a buyer, and my grub want fire
But I kept going, I know God loves a trier
Servin’ all the users, should’ve blown sooner
But I did it independent, felt like Kwame and Kumar
Guaranteed numbers, I’m mad with a phone (I am)
I need a plaque for all the crack that I sold (I do)
Whip game Elon, tryna get the P’s long
But I keep a nine close, Tion (Wizzy)

Like, it’s the product of your environment, innit?
I still got brothers who are in the trenches
A lot of my brothers are out the trenches now ’cause of what we’re doing
But I taught my brothers in the trenches, still, like
I’m still the same, you know what I’m saying? But like
Man’s leanin’ towards the positivity, I don’t like the negative stuff
I’m trying to avoid it
(I just wanna feel good
I love you more than my life)

Be a rapper and a drug dealer, per say
Push white, serve B and I serve flake
We had coke in the water like a mermaid
‘Til four in the morning, that was work rate
You see this H on my block, that’s for heroin
But this H on my drop, that’s for Hermes
I got that H for the low from my Turk mates
If you go compare the market like Sergei
They got poles on my block like a survey
Lurk late, try do you in the worst way
I told a lie, I told her Frankie was my first name
She give me head so dumb I call her derbrain
Twerk, bae, shit your body so curvacious
I’m from the real Sin City, fuck Las Vegas
Drug squad had your boy under surveillance
The jail house, I was doin’ toothbrush razors

You know when I’m bringin’ out the youngers from the ends and it’s the first time coming out with the mandem, like
Some of their reactions and how they react to being in different environment, yeah
Bruv, it’s mad, I’m like lookin’ at myself in them
That’s the inspiration
Man see a life than man prefer
So, yeah man, I would tell my self definitely tell myself to make sure my people are straight