$uicideboy$ – Gutter Bravado Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Gutter Bravado Lyrics, Shakewell Gutter Bravado Lyrics

Gave the world my all but it ain’t enough
I was down bad strugglin’
Ain’t no body pick me up
Better pick a side
Who gon ride when it’s slide season?
Fuck who your slime is
The tides hit they all fleein
This shit is high treason
Load the mags and wish em well
Ima spin they blocks all day lookin like a carousel
Can’t you tell in spite of what you done for me
Never trust cause all you’ve done is come to me
Comfortably smile in your face
Big ol’ shank in my back so best put that white flag up
You know how this go
It’s big juice the og’s og with them bankrolls
Call 614 we make packs outta pesos

I been dying on the inside
Icing out the outside
Started from the northside
Now the gang worldwide
100k just got my ice more wetter than the navy
Wetto wavy wavy
I just smoked me up a 80
I might od up in prague
I might od up in russia
I might fly my bitch to paris for a threesome up in london
Numbers like a pop star
But I don’t got no handlers
Just a bunch of fuck boys
Telling me what standard was
I was chopping samples way before the sampler
I been out of pocket guess I’m better scrambling
I been living like who else can I offend today?
Ruby what you say?

One of a kind
See me eye to eye
Don’t look twice
Bad advice
Shaking my head like I’m migrating lice
Codeine on ice with the sprite
Cherry jolly rancher to my delight
Until them blue and white lights come and ruin my night
Officer bitchmade reading my rights
Take me to tulane and broad and lock me up tight
Suicide or euthanize
Another american vice
Out of mind
Out of sight
Living your life like it comes twice
Planets align time to make a sacrifice
Thought I caught a rat turns out it was a pack of mice
Cut my wrist but I’ll never slash the price
Armageddon welcome to my paradise

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Andrew Adolph, Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.
  • Released: 2023