$uicideboy$ – SHAMELESS $UICIDE Lyrics

$uicideboy$ SHAMELESS $UICIDE Lyrics, Shakewell SHAMELESS $UICIDE Lyrics

Woke up today looking for a fucking homicide
Magician with the glock I make it pop and blow his mind
Relapse off a pill
It’s shameless suicide
Hold up bitch shut up quit fucking with my high
Chain so cold got my neck on cryotherapy
Gang say fuck em then it’s fuck em they my enemy
Rappers they delusional thinking they a friend of me
Made 100 million saying fuck you to the industry
Let me see
Pulled up on the devil and I broke hell
Let me see
I made millionaires from my coat tail
Working on a list of people dead to me
Five nine bigot ima zealot for the grey in me
Got me hot now
Fuck, don’t tell me calm down
Northbound killer
With that eastern bloc sound
Dope from downtown but my house up in the sticks
My chain book of john but my wrist old testament

Woke up in the morning first feeling is the withdrawals
Then I go n check my phone
Rest in peace to my uncle charles
I’m calling ruby da cherry
The 59 consigliere
We all got crosses to carry
Scrim told me to just be ready
Is god close?
Daddy got dementia still I make it work
Big shake be the capo got ammo for any battle turf
Feelin’ cursed
3rd death in a month I cannot map it out
Let’s turn the world grey
It’s the only way we can make it out
700 horses I floored it
I’m gon be gone til the morning
My pinky ring be a mortgage
I know they hate me
Oh well
Got dead stock pints in the storage
Go head n ship it imported
Irs hit me for 40
Got 30 birds in the mail
Either the morgue or a cell they tryna lock me up
Ima live forever
My name out and ain’t no stoppin us
$uicide the mafia sin verguenza the cartel
Cocktail molotovs toss em n wish that boy well

Woke up like I gave a fuck
Blunt laced with angeldust
Another bad habit formed but I could never blame the plug
Shawty said she’ll make me nut
She such a impatient slut
All up in my ear im bout to grab her mouth and tape it shut
Slide a razor up my wrist my fist is full of paper cuts
Me shakewell and christ gotta get this money we so shamless bruh
All of my dogs still the same old hounds that I been huntin with since I was a nameless pup
All my diamonds laser cut
All my rubies made of blood
Everything you think you know about me I just made it up
Plague aint never chasin guts
Shawty think we dating but I tol that how we breakin up
Slumped and stained from taking drugs
Ruby such a lazy bum and I aint never waking up
Snorted all my percs my stomach hurt and now im scraping fust
So much water round my wrist I think my fuckin bracelet rust
Took my piece right out the cake but no I never made the cut
Took my own piece right out of the pie but I aint break the crust

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Andrew Adolph, Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.
  • Released: 2023