$uicideboy$ – Six Lines, Two Dragons, and a Messiah Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Six Lines Two Dragons and a Messiah Lyrics, Shakewell Six Lines Two Dragons and a Messiah Lyrics

Born from the slums
Cut from the womb had dope in lungs
28 grams if I wanna feel buzzed
28 xans if I wanna feel numb
Fucked in the head
Edge of my bed
Glock cocked back while I pray to the dead
If they wanna play
Get the gang on the way
Dial 333 for the god of the grey
F to the I to the v to the e to the n to the I to the n to the e
Ima k to the I to l to the l
E v e r y
Thing around me
Turn their whip to a hearse
Turn they block into dirt
Ash wednesday into dust they return
When they gone learn bout fuckin with titty
Put em in a urn roll em up in a philly

S h a m e l e double s
Dollar sign uicide
Tell me who we smokin’ next
Got a hellpup with a drum better fall back
Got a big chop rolled up with a opp pack
Drawing first blood bitch I aim for the head
5 times outta 5 59 leave em dead
Gonna get mine first ain’t no need for revenge
When I shoot it’s to kill
You would think I’m a vet
Cause my trigger finger itchin’ I’m itchi the killer instinct
Justin timber twiny glock
All of my bullets n’sync
Hit em with that left right
Switchin’ gears lead pipe
Oh he know do kung fu
5.7 dead rights
Dead lights
Oh you just a clown, huh?
Ground up
Mixin’ the blood now he defeated
From the ground up, straight out the mud that’s how I did it
We the founders drown in the flood that we created

Throw them 3’s up
59 my gang sign slide in the range like
Keep up
All white on the inside outside that bitch
Keyed up
Scratchin my nose like im trackin the snow
Bitch im cooler than frieza
Red dot made his pop
Now he just a dead opp
Bitch I want smoke
Ruby da tyrant
I sit back and laugh while I make it rain ash
Got a blade to ya throat
Ruby da silent
Wont say a word just carve my name in your back
Spit up blood as you choke
Ruby so violent
Got choppas and ars im bout to turn your fucking click into ghost
Ruby defiant
My one fucking goal is to blow up the globe

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Andrew Adolph, Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.
  • Released: 2023