My job was to connect Black America to Africa!
And if God is with me, you would do well to leave me alone

Streets is talking
Mostly out they neck, think Stephen Hawking
This ain’t a HBO show, don’t believe the Gossip
Girls want me for the mugshot, feds want me on a drug stop
Passport tripping like Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock
I’m an African intellectual, go peep my Ted Talk
You start connecting the dots, they gon’ hit you with that red dot
Look at Nkrumah, look at Malcolm, look at Martin
When you unifying shooters, then yo’ ass become a target
It’s funny, twelve come for me, it’s everywhere
But I get Moosa eleven years off a prison sentence, they never cared
I pop a wheelie, they want me Meek Mill’d
I been sober for a year, I’m doing millies off a weed deal

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: VIC MENSA
  • Album: Victor
  • Released: 2023