Vory – Believe in Me Lyrics

Vory Believe in Me Lyrics

Heavenly father
Creator of all things
I humble myself
As I bow to the Lord
Holy Spirit dwell in my heart and in my mind
Please give me strength


I live by the code
I said fuck them hoes
I give her everything
My girl still ain’t happy though
That’s some shit I should know
She just want love and passion
That’s some shit I should show
She just gotta understand she ain’t dealing with no n**a who just average though
She ain’t dealin with no average joe
Iced out come with gift and curses
This shit come in cash and purses
Know the type of love she need
And I wish I can be that person
Know she’ll be the death of me
And all I ask is spare her me and go to nurses
I’m goin crazy borderline
Any way I treat you girl you more than fine to me
She know that this music is the only way that I’ll speak
Please don’t give your heart away girl save that love for me
I put four in phantom baby now it’s lookin pink
Tell her that my word is slurred and I been off of that drink
Ask me do I love her I’m like what the fuck do you think

I’m tryna stay focused addys help me think
To live she wan steal the both and fuck around in the sink

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Tavoris Hollins
  • Album: Lost Souls
  • Released: 2022