Vory – CWR Interlude Lyrics

Vory CWR Interlude Lyrics

Thought I told you to never to keep in touch with me
Especially when your new n***a thinking that he can fuck with me
Nah for real
Who gassed your n***a thinking he could ever fuck with me
For real
I had to drop on y’all a thousand times had to tell my n***as to chill
Nah for real

Thought you was my ride or die
You never tried to ride for me
In fact you never died for me
You only try to slide on me
That showed another side of me
And that’s probably why

I can’t put my heart for too many
Too many drinks too many thoughts too many things too many things on my mind
I see the looks in your face from his posts and I know you’re still mine
Girl you know where home at when its time
And you know you’re the only thing on my mind

I still pray for forgiveness from you
I still pray for forgiveness from your mom and Franco and everybody
Everybody yeah

Last I checked you had things in control
You know me more than anybody why would you let it go
Forgiveness for my ways in your soul
Oh baby oh
Oh baby oh please don’t

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Athena Poulos, Feliciano Ponce Ecar, Jorge Miguel Cardoso Augusto, Luzian Gregor Tuetsch, Sonu Lal, Tavoris Hollins, Tsakmaklis Harissis
  • Album: Lost Souls
  • Released: 2022