Wage War – Teeth Lyrics

Wage War Teeth Lyrics, Teeth Lyrics by Wage War

If I found a rope then you would tie the noose
You wouldn’t die for me but I would hang for you
Do you call that a friend?
You drop the door while you watch me dance with death

I called your name but you were never there
You only took from me but did you ever care?
Cause when your back’s to the wall
You disappear just in time to let me fall

Should’ve known it all along

Take what you need
Use me up and then leave
Hard to believe
You were company I shouldn’t keep
Take what you need
Now I see underneath
Wounds cut so deep
When you lie to me right through your teeth

It’s not love
You wouldn’t get it
Accepting apologies but knowing you’d never give it
I think I’m pushed to the edge
Take it or leave it but I won’t forget

I’m so tired of knives in my back
Smile to my face
It’s only a mask
I’m so tired of knives in my back
Now I trust no one
To hell with the rats