Westside Gunn – Bobby Rhude Lyrics

Westside Gunn Bobby Rhude Lyrics

The glory
Brr, brr, son (Yeah)

Before her very eyes, a heroin game became somethin’ else
Somethin’ for wealth, whip the work and leave hunnids where-else
It hurts when your friends become addicts and don’t want any help
Rest in peace my nigga that died with his gun in his belt
We tried to test it (Spin out here)
My detector, my destiny, make you ride a Vespa
Bitches see me and askin’ all kind of questions
Teflon vest (Fuck outta here), shorty in designer dresses
She buggin’ out all the time, stressed (Damn, mama)
Fuck followin’ oppressed, it’s lil’ niggas, minor flexes (Fuck outta here)
Signin’ checks and then fly to Texas, solid necklace
Two or three shits, my name Arexus, too prestigious (I’m a God)
I’m never fallin’ off or runnin’ out of gas reason (Never)
Niggas eager to do me like Judas’ll do to Jesus (Uh-huh)
Brutus was backstabbed, his best friend Julius Caesar
The empire rise and fall (Big snake)
Told a few niggas who legends now how to ball (That’s a fact)
The thought of livin’ luxury, had us by the balls (Adlibs)
Came a long way from beatin’ Percocet fiends in the alley with Tylenols

The glory (Woah)
The glory (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

So proud of myself, I never fell victim (Nah)
Some niggas never comin’ up out the penal system (Swear to God, nigga)
Some niggas used to be dons, now they sniffin’ diamonds (Crazy)
Dominican niggas with power who brought up bricks of powder
I’m in the Fountainebleau lobby drinkin’ whiskey sours

The glory (Uh-huh)
The glory (You know what I’m sayin’?)
(That’s how it feel, baby)
(You know, we go hard for ours, dawg, you know what I mean)
Yeah, the glory (Yeah)

Glory, your ass is fine as, that’s an ambition, hands glisten
Hunnid grand misses, not a fan of switchin’
This fever, Daddy Nack Mandela be hittin’ Japan shittin’ (Uh-huh)
Son, I got at least two bad bitches OnlyFans clickin’ (We’re gettin’ money)
You wouldn’t tell by the look of my trap you’re standin’ in an advanced kitchen
I’m grand pissin’, FBI searched, hands to glisten
Niggas see me, they want an ambition (Fuck is wrong with you?)

The glory (Hahaha)
The glory (Yeah)

I’m nothin’ like the rest of these niggas with the same story
Aim the .40 (Baow), infinite bankrolls, shit official with it, take a seat
Give me a few minutes, let me explain the story (Let me break it down)
Be surprised what niggas ready to sacrifice for the fame and glory (For real)
Peace to the legends that came before me (Yeah)

Glory (Yeah)
The glory (Followin’ digits, nigga)
(That shit lethal)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Westside Gunn
  • Album: Peace “Fly” God
  • Released: 2022