Westside Gunn – Peace Flygod Lyrics

Westside Gunn Peace Flygod Lyrics

Before, when you’re unknown and you’re struggling
Every day is an X-factor, you don’t know where you’re going
Right, peace FLYGOD, here we go again
I be wondering why it be taking so long for people to catch up
And, I think what it is is that they small tomatoes
So they can’t catch up, you heard?
So, it ain’t too late to be great
All you gotta do is adopt the understanding
That a great mind is able to recognize great things
Maybe these niggas minds ain’t great, you heard?
Mm, I don’t know, but it ain’t for me to know
I wasn’t born to try to figure out what somebody else don’t know
Promise you, so, here we are again
I’m still wondering how – where in the fuck is this?
Where y’all getting this shit from, man?
What is this, some ol’ kind of hip-hop wizardry?
You are a legend
Word is bond, and I just wanna say when people doing good
You supposed to tell ’em, for real, anything else is uncivilized
Peace FLYGOD, word is bond
I hope you enjoy, peace and love, and peace FLYGOD
He’s a legend!

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Westside Gunn
  • Album: Peace “Fly” God
  • Released: 2022