Yeat – Mysëlf Lyrics

Yeat Mysëlf Lyrics

They cant do it like this like me
Got em copying the drip like they me
I just sick back and listen

Got all these racks i did it bitch
I whip out the crib i did it
You know what the fuck that we on bitch
Can’t even fuck with the gods
They can’t fuck with the king
They can’t fuck with the world
I didnt even knew that existed
I’m talking bout

Dreams from the drugs
Life from the love
Everytime I said somethin
I just feel like ?
I just feel like redrum

Left the earth
Left the earth
Left the earth
I was yellin out help
No one know i how ifelt
I don’t know to feel


    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Yeat
  • Album: Aftërlyfe
  • Released: 2023