Young Thug – Hellcat Kenny Lyrics

Young Thug Hellcat Kenny Lyrics (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Wake up, F1LTHY
Turn it up
Yeah, turn it up, turn up

Hellcat Kenny, yeah, I’ma fuck your bitch (Ah)
Demon child, I could get your mama rich (Graah, graah)
Got no problem gettin’ in yo sisters kid (Bow, Bow, Bow)
Got no problem gettin’ all yo children lit (On God, yeah)
Hellcat Kenny, this a fuckin’ jet (Yeah)
I been in the trenches givin’ everything back (Everything back)
You could ask my homies and my goddamn hoes
All this muhfuckin’ money off my shows, off of the road (Road)
Put these boys on spoke, for fifty, he gone broke (Gra)
Hellcat the folks, suck me out my clothes
Shawty came with force (Force)
Fuck lil’ homie claimin’? Keep that on the porch (Ha) yeah
I just spent half a million dollars on the Superbowl (No lie)
I just bought a ring, cost a Superbowl (Goddamn)
I just bought some lean worth a Superbowl (Goddamn)
I just flood her cream, ain’t no SuperSoak (Huh, huh, woo)
I’m a big player, you got foreign spell (Yeah)
I came in your bed, I drink only red (Red)
Yeah, killer head, she killin’ shit
Fuck her man, I’m just tellin’ you what the broad said
I’m whippin’ that B, ain’t no cam on that bitch and that’s all that he said (That’s all that he said)
I’m fuckin’ that bitch in the lair, I didn’t even know she was player
Oh, that’s your shrimp? He dressin’ in Armani, huh
Oh, that’s your bitch? I didn’t just wanna hit (Ain’t even wanna hit)
I’m jumpin’ the fence, I came with the— ayy-ayy-ayy (Grah, grah-grah)
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a man or a zombie, he never gon’ play
Yeah, come in the crack, and she real bad
And she real snatched, never go bad, never gon’ cap
Fuck a dispatch

Pull up a map, think you better than me, then you smoke crack (Then you smoke crack)
I got the racks, if I go broke then she never come back
None of these niggas, they spittin’ the facts
Fuckin’ that bitch, do it right from the back
Most of my niggas, they loyal, huh
I ain’t even gotta look, turnin’ my back
Some of these niggas, I heard they be rats
I walk around with three million in my bag
I put the birds in the back of a Track’
Cat on my car, but this shit not a Jag’
My bitch, she’s a frea-ea-ea-eak
She beggin’ me just to come piss in her crack
I looked at her crazy, I never did’ that
This my first time doin’ that and I did it
We pray to the bank ’cause money religion
We don’t hold no grudges ’cause business is business, bitch
Huh? What? (We pray to the bank ’cause money religion)
(We don’t hold no grudges, business is business, like, we don’t hold no grudges, business is business)

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert
  • Released: 2023