Yung Gravy – Onomatopoeia Lyrics

Yung Gravy Onomatopoeia Lyrics, bbno$ Onomatopoeia Lyrics, BABY GRAVY Onomatopoeia Lyrics

Fuck am I doing?

1017 iced out big clock it go
Tick tick tick!
It dont stop! Uh!
What the fuck u mean shut the fuck up pussy boy I go
Bang bang bang
Cuz why the hell not!!

Im parking in some wap rip sorry cock
30 seconds in jobs done! Bags up!
I went
Ding ding ding!
I aint got time to give a fuck!!

Twins they tryna clip
Flip a coin its heads or tails
Carpel tunnel wrist
Bust down, bitch im off the rails
Out in guangzhou
My libido was found
Call me romeo!
The way she tug my shit down

Check it up!
Confirm the zeros on the cheque please!
Check it up!
Im in the tesla with my besssie
Check it up!
I take the shirt off im way too sexy
Check it up!
I told sheila confirm the rezzie

She gun beat up on my chest like im george of the jungle

Oliver twist I stay finessing all my orphans won’t fumble
Up my tool she like my diction got my bag up from mumbling
1700 on some rainboots, I can’t be humbled.

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Alex Gumuchian, BABY GRAVY, Christian Dold, David Wilson, Matthew Hauri, Tobias Wincorn
  • Album: Baby Gravy 3
  • Released: 2023