Drake – You Broke My Heart Lyrics

Drake You Broke My Heart Lyrics

Oh, baby, don’t go
Don’t go
My notepad caught many bodies
Screenshots solved plenty problems
Voice notes bagged plenty hotties
Can’t just talk to me like anybody
Can’t just talk to me like anybody
Man, you b****es know that I’m a somebody
And lil’ baby bad, she got a drum body
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Bunch of feelings I just couldn’t shake
Disrespect that I just shouldn’t take
You just couldn’t see the good in Drake
Four months not a long time, but you f**ked somebody, you just couldn’t wait
You broke my heart, you broke my heart
It hurts
If you just believe
I put careers on shelves like Amazon distribution center help
Really hate to call on broski for the dirty work, I’d rather do it by myself, grrah, grrah, grrah
My tour route’ll leave a lazy nigga dizzy
Got more tracks than when a hair salon is busy
Flow for days like the River Mississippi
Freaky nigga like a single Pretty Ricky
Huh? Yeah, yeah
Got the adlibs from Smiggy
Nails done, but my trigger finger itchy
Clutchin’ on a blicky, shit is gettin’ tricky
People love to diss me out here
Every single thing, man, I’m all ears like I took the fam to Disney
Guess it’s one way to tell me that you miss me
Don’t go
Don’t go
You broke my heart
I had my doubts about you from the start
Pushed to the edge like Vert
On Instagram, diggin’ up dirt
You wanted smoke with me first
Well, this one gon’—
Yeah, this one gon’ hurt
Down bad boys, sad boys, I been representin’ since birth
Yeah, I would die bad ’bout you, but I’m ’bout to have you down worse
I swear you’re dead to me, does Mercerdes make a hearse?
Matter fact, everybody in this b**** scream out, “F**k my ex”
Yeah, f**k my ex
F**k my ex (F**k my ex)
F**k my ex (F**k my ex)
F**k my ex (Middle fingers up)
F**k my ex (‘Bout turn this b**** up)
F**k my ex
F**k my ex (I should drop a name)
F**k my ex (Drop a couple names)
F**k my ex (Since you want some fame)
F**k my ex (Yeah, pussy n****s that you turnin’ up with)
F**k my ex (In a whip, clownin’ on me, yeah)
F**k my ex (F**k my ex)
F**k my ex (Yeah, f**k my ex)
F**k my ex (F**k my ex)
F**k my ex (Woah, woah, woah)
F**k my ex (I can’t let it go)
F**k my ex (Payback a b****)
It’s f**k my ex (If you ain’t did this shit, you would’ve popped off)
F**k my ex (You would’ve said shit, you would’ve posted shit)
F**k my ex (I know your ass too well)
F**k my ex (F**k my ex)
Lyin’ to my face
Thought you would’ve shown a little grace
How can I expect someone who never had they own place to know they damn place?
Treatin’ me like I’m dumb or somethin’
Like you’re runnin’ somethin’
Like they dropped you on your head when you was one or somethin’
F**k my ex, ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
F**k my ex, yeah, right, right, right

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Drake
  • Album: For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition
  • Released: 2023